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Cricket and NFT Sports – An Enchanting Pair in Display Now

NFT Sports

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which provide proof of ownership and authenticity to any item irrespective of its nature, have surprisingly taken over the planet recently, and the community widened manifold. Although NFTs have existed for a long time (as early as 2014), it was not until the high tide that people knew about their existence. Even then, the reach of NFTs has not covered the whole world, particularly the less-developed and developing countries, which can be seen by the number of people who possess some knowledge of these virtual tokens.

The previous misunderstanding of NFTs has been changing step by step, mainly due to games based on blockchains that utilize non-fungible tokens. NFTs in games can be used in different places in the game world economy. Such games have enabled the public to acquire more knowledge on NFTs, particularly in South East Asia and South America. Now, it is time for us to focus on the timer racing, which concentrates on South Asia and the Caribbean due to a single press release before a few days that has been viral across the world. In this blog, we will see more about the statement in discussion and the long-lasting effects that could be seen on metaverse gaming.

Timer in Cricket – What Does It Mean?

The countdown for the “Super Loot” is the timer, an NFT drop event scheduled to occur on April 22, 2022. The Super Loot NFT drop is set to be hosted on Jump.trade, an NFT marketplace platform developed by GuardianLink. The Jump.trade marketplace is the firm’s maiden step towards Meta Cricket League, the world’s first NFT cricket game, which will be launched later this year. The developers have already stated that the NFT game is a stepping stone towards the first metaverse for cricket, an unexplored field in blockchain gaming till now.

Super Loot NFT Drop – What Does It HODL?

According to some unverified sources on the internet, one could see that the Super Loot NFT collection might include a range of NFT items such as digital player card tokens, digital versions of cricketing equipment, and even physical NFT collectibles. The latter has put some bewilderment on the faces of cricket fans as having some physical cricket memorabilia has always been on every cricket fan’s checklist. Through the Super Loot drop, one of their long-standing wishes might get fulfilled.

How do the Current Gaming Giants View the Super Loot Drop?

Video games based on cricket started coming out in 1994. But, they were not received well by cricket fans because of multiple issues, including graphics and expenses associated. Some of the popular game studios suffered the most due to the failure of their cricket gaming products among their target audience. With personal computers becoming more accessible, piracy became a major concern for these gaming studios, and they were affected the most after movie production houses. Such results led to a change in interest from game developers as they went out of cricket.

Such a notorious reputation for cricket as a business option in the gaming industry meant that not many developers take up the sport seriously. Currently, since smartphones have made hobbyist gaming easier, mobile cricket games are unrivaled as the new favorites for cricket fanatics. Still, a huge con of such games is that, although they initially show up as free, a gamer needs to spend to level up fast or play with the environment (mostly not fair) to level up. Also, one has to note that spending on these games is not a wise option as anything gamer purchases in the gameverse cannot be cashed out. This has made gaming an activity to be frowned upon by society as an addictive and money-wasting hobby.

Now, with the advent of Web3 technology and gamers welcoming games built on blockchains, it can be said that the play-to-earn (P2E) nature of these games has made them highly successful. For example, Axie Infinity has become a popular name in Indonesia and the Philippines, where a lot of people play this game full-time to earn enough money to feed their families amidst the devastating pandemic.

With all those perspectives in mind, legendary gaming development firms have been carefully watching the possible outcome of the upcoming NFT drop from Jump.trade with some pressure. Already, some gaming giants have been amazed by the amount of craze generated by a single press statement. It is also heard among the gaming community that a few other games based on cricket in the metaverse might come out after the Super Loot drop’s outcome finally becomes visible.

How Does P2E Further Hype Up the Upcoming NFT Drop?

According to some statistics, play-to-earn (P2E) gaming has been received well by the gaming community through some NFT-based games since the first high tide of NFTs. Hence, the possibility of earning on the go while playing the game convinces enough people to take up gaming as a hobby again, now, to generate some passive income. Also, since the collectibles present in the NFT drop could certainly be related to cricket, it is evident that cricket fans might get attracted to the Super Loot drop. The amount of attraction garnered can already be seen across all the social media platforms. Therefore, the upcoming Super Loot on the Jump.trade NFT marketplace is set to push aside the hurdles present between cricket enthusiasts and the modern-day gaming industry.

Some Closing Thoughts

Therefore, when purely viewed through the support levels throughout different social media platforms for the upcoming Super Loot event, new perspectives might be learned. Also, since making money through such a sporting game is an easier source of employment (irrespective of part or full-time), it is predicted that new gamers could get into the NFT gaming community. Therefore, if you are an avid fan of cricket and have been yearning for a new game, then the Meta Cricket League might be the end of your hunt. So, hurry up so that you can become an early bird in the cricketing metaverse.

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