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Samsung Unveils TVs That Will Let Owners Trade NFTs

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The famous electronics giant Samsung has plans to incorporate NFTs in their latest line-up of smart TVs after it noticed the increasing popularity of NFT technology. It believes that there is something required to scrutinise digital artworks.

In its announcement, the South Korean Electronics Company noted that its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hand-outs would include a variety of TVs integrated with an application. The app lets users browse, sell and purchase non-fungible tokens right from the comfort of their homes. 

The multinational corporation goes ahead to explain that the application will be known as the NFT Platform, and its description will be, “This application features an intuitive, integrated platform for discovering purchasing and trading digital artwork.” The app would come as standard on New QLED, Micro LED and Frame Models as part of a novel “Smart Hub” in addition to features like “Gaming Hub” and “Watch All”.

Also, Samsung Electronics called the application an “NFT Management” feature elsewhere in the announcement. “Pull in NFTs from several marketplaces, so users can preview the art and see other relevant details, including details such as who created the work, as well as relevant Blockchain metadata,” Engadget reported. It added, “Those who already own NFTs can also use the platform to showcase their collection.”

A range of Samsung TV models such as The Frame has been marketed as multipurpose devices and act as digital picture frames, thus enabling the users to display digital artworks when they are not streaming videos or watching television. A variety of free and marketable images are available to Samsung users but allowing the TV viewers to plunge into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and trade them using TV sets is the new move of the firm.

The company may use similar technology in Blockchain wallets, typical in various flagship smartphones. Experts predict that other Electronic Entities may reveal NFTs or meta-versed offerings at CES, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 5th January, thus wrapping up the weekend.

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