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SafeMoon Prices Edging on a Bullish Run With up to 30% Potential

Image from @Safemoon Twitter

SafeMoon prices have had a huge downswing in the past months, but finally, there is an optimistic outlook. This new development could lead to SAFEMOON rallying and setting a temporary high swing. In case of a bullish run, this updraft could be the foundation of a new uptrend, creating a solid and bullish direction.

SafeMoon Price Targeting a Slight Upswing

SafeMoon price dropped by 60% in the last 24 days, and observers noted a massive pressure to sell. The downswing seems to have reduced SafeMoon’s speed over the previous 12 days and indicates an imminent uptrend.

This optimism is because SafeMoon price has set new lower lows, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has set higher lows, creating a bullish divergence. This kind of technical formation characteristically tends to end up on the upside.

Consequently, investors are expecting SafeMoon to rise soon and meet the immediate resistance level of $0.00000153. If the altcoin shatters this barrier, it will drive to $0.00000182, establishing a 30% rise. In some situations, this rise can extend to $0.00000189.

Image from TradingView.com

The technicals hint at a positive outlook, but SafeMoon price should hold above the $0.00000124 to stabilise. It will nullify the bullish run thesis if it sets a breakdown below the barrier and creates another lower low. The move will probably activate a 25% downswing to a demand barrier of $0.00000094.

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