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Comic Fandom Is Set to Drive the NFT Space Forward With Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT: Report


To commemorate Stan Lee’s 99th Birthday, the trio of Orange comet, Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment, and Graphic India (along with guardianlink.io and beyondlife.club) is launching the “chakraverse” NFT collection on December the 28th.

On December 14, the late Stan Lee’s Twitter account sent out a tweet promoting Chakraverse (The NFT collection) that is set for launch in the last week of December. The link in the tweet, “chakraverse.io,” navigates users to the Orange Comet’s website, a full-service NFT production company that creates NFTs for brands and sports teams.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles that typically take the form of digital art. When consumers buy an NFT, they’re actually buying the token that’s linked to the art, which is then recorded on the blockchain, essentially proving the chain-only ownership of the art.

You may have this question – why would anyone buy a digital-only asset? The answer to that query is the same as the answer to how to understand estate planning for artists and collectors: buying a collectible is an irrational economic decision. As the collectors place a high value on ownership, the decisions are often economically irrational; and, clients are primarily relationship-driven, not financially driven. When collectors are asked to resell their digital assets, they do that at a smooch higher price (than what they bought for). Well, that shows the perception of value increases upon ownership of the asset. 

A Brush up on Chakra the Invincible

Raju Rai, a young Indian student, residing in Mumbai, is the protagonist of ‘Chakra The Invincible.’ Raju and his mentor, scientist Dr. Singh, construct a technology combination that awakens the body’s mystical chakras, unleashing superhuman powers and abilities, with the goal of unlocking the secrets of human potential through science. Raju promises to utilize his newfound talents to safeguard the city after being mistakenly linked to the costume.

In terms of name recognition and branding, Stan Lee’s involvement in the project is a coup. In India, Lee is well-known, and Chakra is clearly labeled as a Stan Lee creation. Given the mixed reviews of Bollywood superhero films, the involvement of Chakra’s famed creator in the process may likely inspire fans and audiences to have faith in the project.

The comic sphere has been the worst hit due to the pandemic. New comics have become rare, and distribution has become difficult. That’s where repurposing the existing and popular comic concepts has come in as a viable alternative. But then, is it possible to do that without technology? Definitely not. NFTs serve as that alternative and the much-need breathing space for the comic world.

Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT Is the Brand-New Epitome of Comic NFTs

After successfully completing Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT launch recently, BeyondLife.Club (powered by Guardianlink.io) is back with Stan Lee’s Superhero Chakra NFT, a one-stop-shop for Indian as well as overseas comic enthusiasts. Seems like the NFT collection will also be also available at chakraverse.io, a dedicated platform is aiming to drive the chakra NFT forward.

NFT comics from Chakra the Invincible come in a variety of rarities and can be collected or traded with other users. The project’s crew includes a number of well-known professionals from many fields, including an artist, sound designer, technical production specialist, storyteller, and community manager.

Regarding the Orange comet, this is one of many partnerships this year, as the company plans to widen its horizons. To name some, Orange comet recently partnered with New York Islanders (a professional ice hockey team) to produce and sell the team-specific NFTs. The company also recently announced its multi-year partnership with Seattle Kraken to produce NFTs on the Avalanche Blockchain.

Brace Yourself for the Influx of Comic NFTs

As comics get into the groove of NFTs, you can grab rare chakra NFTs anywhere between December 27-30, 2021. We can’t ascertain the kind of impact it’s gonna instil in the NFT space. However, we believe that more comic NFTs will implement their foray into the NFT space. Well, it has to be seen!

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